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Friday, March 20, 2020







While the coronavirus is still a concern across the country and state, KBOR would like to assure members that we are prepared and are closely monitoring the situation. It is our intention to continue to serve our members and in order to do that, our team has a plan in place to ensure the needs of our members can be met.

As the health and safety of our members and staff is our top concern, we ask those who need one-on-one assistance to call or email and make an appointment before arriving at the office.  We are capable of assisting most questions and issues remotely, but will be more than happy to set up an appointment for those who need further assistance. We ask that anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms, has known exposure to the virus or traveled outside the country in the past 14 days to conduct business remotely.

Event Cancellations:

– New Member Orientation: ONLINE ONLY


How to Set Up Video Showings with ShowingTime

Real estate professionals are resilient and creative, and can find ways to be safe under our current circumstances while still doing their jobs. ShowingTime has also been looking for creative ways to help, and as a result put together a series of videos to discuss how to set up video showings within ShowingTime. You can also download their brief instructional guides, Setting Up Video Showings – helpful for listing agents – and their Virtual Showing Guide, which explains how buyer’s agents can request virtual showings and answers frequently asked questions.

<—- How to Use Zoom with ShowingTime

Setting Up Your Listing for Video Showings —->

<—- Virtual Property Showings: Who Films the Home & Why?

As businesses take steps to adapt to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that we’re not operating in a “business as usual” environment. We’re all doing our part to follow the advice of health experts and many states to shelter in place to flatten the curve. But as one veteran agent told us, most buyers and sellers are still in a good place. “I think that’s an important message to get out there,” the agent said. “Housing is good.”

MORE ON THEIR RESPONSE TO COVID-19: COVID-19: Update from ShowingTime | Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Showings in North America | February 2020 Showing Index Results | COVID-19: A Change to Overlapping Showings

White Paper on COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Housing and Mortgage Industries

COVID-19: Impact on the Real Estate and Mortgage Markets:

Mortgage and real estate professionals across the entire loan life cycle are experiencing economic disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that may have lasting impacts on the housing and mortgage industries. Black Knight — using their extensive mortgage data and proprietary analytics — has compiled a comprehensive evaluation of the current state of the market, the pandemic’s potential impacts, and explores the solutions and technologies that have the ability to mitigate negative effects.

In this report, they explore:

– How the mortgage market performed through Q1 2020, before the pandemic

– Key economic drivers of COVID-19 impacts and what’s to come

– Unique market impacts on various industry segments

– Recommendations mortgage and real estate professionals should consider to stay ahead

Get the report here

Local, State and National Resources:

What is Permitted Under Stage 3 Reopening Plan: State and Warsaw

Kosciusko County COVID-19 Information

Updates on Kosciusko County Operations

The State of Indiana COVID-19 Website

The US COVID-19 Website

CARES Act Mortgage Forbearance: What You Need To Know

Indiana’s Back on Track Indiana Website

Back on Track Stages (PDFs for each stage)

Other Resources:

Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association Coronavirus Information

What is COVID-19?

The CDC is responding to an outbreak of a respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus outbreak. While the outbreak started in Wuhan, China, a growing number of cases have been identified in several other countries, including the United States. 

What are the risks of exposure to COVID-19?

Older adults and people who have severe underlying chronic medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness. The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person and the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. The CDC urges citizens to monitor your health and practice social distancing. Social distancing means staying out of crowded places, avoiding group gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet) from others when possible. Visit the CDC’s website for latest updates.​​

What preventative measures may be taken to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19?

The same preventative measures recommended to prevent influenza are also effective in reducing the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus.  These measures include:

– Staying home if you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or any other cold or flu-like symptom.

– Washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water aren’t available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

– Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

– Avoiding close contact with anyone who is sick.

– Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces. Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or cough or sneeze into your sleeve. 


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