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REALTOR® Member, Kay Young: Syracuse-Wawasee Trail Committee Considers Feasibility Study

Friday, October 22, 2021

Syracuse-Wawasee Trail Executive Director Erlene Yentes, left, and committee chair Kay Young discuss the newly submitted feasibility study that addresses the trail’s expansion. InkFreeNews photo by Keith Knepp.


SYRACUSE — With the completion of the feasibility study conducted by USI, the monthly meeting of the Syracuse-Wawasee Trail committee, held Monday, Oct. 18, focused on what the next steps should be in the immediate future.

The report proffered by USI was emailed to the committee Oct. 18, but had not yet been distributed to members of the committee. The suggestion was made to post the lengthy document on the organization’s website for public review. The exact formatting of how the study would be uploaded and accessed was not decided upon, although it was agreed it would be done once the document was reviewed by the committee.


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