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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Forms changes for both residential & commercial + the addition of a new residential form

A committee of IAR attorneys and members annually reviews our forms for compliance with state and federal law and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. Committee members made changes to both the residential and commercial forms this year and added a new residential form.

Statewide transactional forms may be the most underappreciated of the IAR member benefits. They’re just a tool to conduct business, right? No more exciting than your computer or phone. Let’s challenge that. Our forms are—

  • Standardized to save you time during a transaction. You and the “other guy” know what’s expected.
  • Updated annually by a committee of IAR attorneys and members to keep you compliant with the law and current with professional practice.
  • Online with electronic signature capability to help you meet client demands.
  • A great value. There’s no need to consult an attorney for each move. 

2022 Residential Forms Changes

2022 Commercial Forms Changes

Clarification: The line numbers contained in the Forms Changes PowerPoints above are based on the 2021 forms line numbers and NOT the 2022 forms. So, some line numbers may seem incorrect but are actually correct.


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IAR Forms Video Series

Video #1: Escalation Clause Addendum

Video #2: As-Is Addendum

Video #3: Multiple Offer Notification

Video #4: Mutual Release from Purchase Agreement

Video #5: Addendum to Purchase Agreement Back-Up Offer

Video #6: Buyer’s Exclusive Agency Contract

Video #7: First Right Contingency



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